Q:  Will my partner, family member, or friend love me more if I give them an Abbey Cat Brewing mash paddle, beer sampler, or tap handle?

A:  Yes. Strangers would love you more too, so give them to everyone.


Q: How do I care for my sweet new mash paddle?

A:  Your mash paddle is made out of maple or cherry (I make two varieties), which are closed grain hardwoods that are naturally resistant to water logging. After mashing, just rinse off your paddle and store it someplace where it will dry out completely.

It is not necessary to finish or treat the wood in any way, but if you are so inclined I recommend food grade mineral oil. This is usually sold as butcher block or cutting board “conditioner” in you local hardware store. I tend to use mineral oil on the paddles if they are made out of cherry (because it brings out the beauty of this particular wood) or if I know that the paddle will be used primarily for decoration.

If, just as an example (not naming any names), your idiot brew buddy leaves your paddle sitting out in the yard for several weeks and it starts looking moldy, you can just sand it down a bit. Because of the nature of the wood the mold should be just on the surface. I recommend using a fine grit sandpaper, 150-180 grit.


Q:  How do I sanitize my Mash Paddle?

A:  Typically, you do not need to sanitize your paddle since it will not be touching the beer post boil. In fact, usually my paddle does not touch the beer after mashing, except when I am stirring in sugar or other things that need a little help to dissolve.


Q:  How do I care for my sweet new Beer Sampler?

A:  Just throw the glasses in the dishwasher. Well, don't throw them, but you know what I mean. Do not, however, put the wooden board in the dishwasher, that might end badly. Just wash it with a damp cloth/sponge and let it dry completely before storing.


Q:  What if I break the glasses?

A:  You can buy more, they are easy to find online. Last I checked they were pretty affordable on Amazon Prime, which is one of the reasons I designed the sampler set to use them. They are made by Libbey, model 3816.